We hope that all our members are continuing to work during these difficult times and understand it will be tough times for everyone involved.

During this period of uncertainty, we would like to encourage our members to try and make the best of a difficult situation. During the quieter periods, use the time to prepare for when we bounce back and hit the ground running. Things to consider could be –


  1. Improving current procedures and processes
  2. Tuning or re-working your website and marketing resources
  3. Sharpening up your workforce skills – distance learning, online courses and seminars
  4. Improve leadership and management skills – webinars and Ted talks
  5. Organising your projects and preparing for the next stage
  6. Ensure we are looking out for your staff’s mental health and addressing any worries they have


If we can help with any of the above during this period of uncertainty then please get in touch with Jo.


Stay safe