We are in unprecedented and very challenging times with this dreadful virus, which is having an impact on business, services and the whole of our lives in general.

Many of the classroom based courses have been postponed until July 1st 2020.  Virtual courses are available and the course calendar is updated daily.

I have been gathering together some of the information out there that is available for businesses and the self-employed, which is being offered by the national and Welsh government at present. It is very likely that this crisis is going to roll on for a good few months and we may be faced with a range of situations where staff are off sick or need to self-isolate, particularly if the Government’s predications are correct. Below is the latest website link for businesses and a recent article on a challenge to Government about self-employed trades:



The focus will be to keep everything rolling as best as we can, but for now, please aware of the information, support and guidance that is out there. I am more than happy to assist people with application forms and working with CITB to ensure that any questions and queries regarding training can be addressed.

Any queries, please just let me know.

Wishing you and your team all the best, keep safe and well